Switzerland, Glarus, Näfels, Wageten, Waget's


Wageten is a climbing crag about 6 km east of Näfels. The nearby Brüggler is much more known to the climbing community. Check the Climbing Guide GL climbs for further information how to get there.
The route is located at in sector west and is right of the forgotten project (Vergessenes Projekt). And name Waget's (N47.11859° E8.99744°) is marked in red at the start of the route.

Location Waget's
Waget's is fully equipped. You need 17 quickdraws. The belaystations are bound together with ropes and has a maillon rapid. 80 m rope. With shorter rope (at least 60 m) you need to rappel and use the intermediate belaystation.
Route Description
1st pitch: 6a+/6b, 25 m, 10 bolts
2nd pitch: 5c+, 15 m, 6 bolts, but you can climb both pitches easily together. You might need to rappel down and use the intermediate belaystation.
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