Switzerland, Uri, Erstfeld, Chälen-Rippe, Zwatzli


There are several climbing opportunities around Erstfeld. Right after the bridge are parking lots. From there walk towards the Autobahn underpass. Right after the Underpass is the access to Beton Mattli. Follow the footpath marked with red and pink till you are at the power pole. Head up the boulders. Red markings should show the way. When you are back in the forest, you are just below of Zwatzli. Und nah gah innägumpä is left and up. Cairn are marking the way.
Route Description
Zwatzli 5c N46.82198°, E8.6376351° Route is marked in Red, at the start of the route is a metal plaque, and it has a nice platform to start. 7 pitches, protection is good with new bolts, belaystation are comfortable and well equipped.

Und nah gah innägumpä 6a+ N46.8218736°, E8.6370651° Route is marked in yellow, and the name is written on the wall. 7 pitches, each pitch about 30 m, the second one is a little bit longer. Protection is good with new bolts, belaystation with two bolts, mostly connected.
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