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Finale Ligure, Tre Frati, Mittelnaht

Leonhard Pang

One fine evening, it was in the beautiful month of March, on the very 9th day, in the year of 1970, I decided to do my first climb and dropped out of my mothers womb. This was the first contact with the earth, and was the start of a wonderful journey. (Well, I am still traveling). The first month I lived in the lovely town Schaffhausen. A marvelous mediaeval city, and a strong fortress protecting it. Close by the town, the big river Rhine reveals its tremendous power in a powerful waterfall.

Solothurn at the river Aare

Living with my sister together was a bit too small in the apartment, so we moved to a different place. In Solothurn, a small, gorgeous town at the river Aare, with the Jura in the North, we found our new home.

It was here, where I learned the necessary skills to be a grown up one day, perhaps. In the young years I learned to appreciate the snow, the mountains, the forest, any outdoor activities.


Well, the most fun time came, the teenager time. Living after the motto: Minimum is the maximum, I tried with my friends to have as much fun as possible, with the least effort in school. It was in 1985 when I got my first computer, the Commodore 64. It was the blast, games, games and again games.

The computer would continue to influence my life. I decided to start to study computer science, first at the FIT (Federal Institute of Technology) and then at the Biel School of Engineering and Architecture (University of Applied Sciences).

Then finally, in 1997 I finally graduated (and here you find my diplom work Deutsch), and started a new life, as a software engineer and now I spend as much time as possible somewhere in a vertical rockface.

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